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Hi! My name is Ana Katic. As a Pro Card-winning fitness expert, I've transformed the lives of thousands of individuals through my unique approach to nutrition, health and fitness.
I have created a series of guides to guide you on your fitness journey and give you all the education that you need to get the results that you deserve. Visit my store.
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If you're ready to take control of your nutrition and turn your health and fitness aspirations into reality, these guidebooks are an essential tool.
Savor Healthy Eating

Ana Katic Cookbook

This is a macro friendly cookbook with recipes that are high in protein and very easy and simple to make.

Easy, delicious recipes with complete nutritional breakdowns
A variety of meals to keep your diet interesting and nutritious

what to expect

Enjoy cooking with recipes that support your fitness goals
Quick and healthy meals perfect for any schedule
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The Ultimate Guide to Nutrition Mastery

Nutritional guide

This is a nutritional guide which explains everything you need to know about your nutrition in details.

Comprehensive 45-page guide covering all aspects of nutrition
In-depth explanations of macros, calorie tracking, and creating a balanced diet
Tailored strategies for effective fat loss and muscle building

what to expect

Equip yourself with nutritional knowledge for lifelong health
Flexible dietary plans adaptable to your unique lifestyle
Practical tips for maintaining your fitness gains
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Navigate Post-Diet Success

Reverse dieting guide

This is a guide about reverse dieting. You will learn how to exit a dieting phase and how to increase your calories without gaining body fat.

Insights from a fitness champion on managing calorie intake post-diet
A practical approach to building strength without unnecessary fat gain

what to expect

Learn the art of reverse dieting for sustained fitness
Improve your overall quality of life with strategic calorie increases
Master Reverse Dieting
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New: Ana Katic App

Fitness transformed.

My passion for fitness led me to create an app, a platform where I can share my knowledge and connect more personally with you, no matter where you are. More info