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Welcome to Ana Katic Fitness

Who is Ana Katic?

Ana Katic is a personal trainer and an online coach. She started her career in 2017., in London, doing face-to-face sessions in a public gym.

After working in hospitality for 7 years, and moving to the UK from Croatia, Ana became a qualified personal trainer and started her own business. 

Ana has been working with Coach Mark Carroll closely since January 2020., and has competed in the WBFF London show, and won her PRO card in her first show.

Ana is best known for her unique style of coaching and is a science-based coach who has invested in a number of seminars and courses on nutrition, comp prep, biomechanics, and program design.


About Ana

Fitness has changed my life. My goal now is to inspire and change other women's lives and help them to be the best version of themselves.

Come and learn from me and let me get you strong and change your life and mindset about training and nutrition.

Sign up for my app today and start your fitness journey with me!

  • Learn how to lose fat and build muscle!

  • Get stronger and improve your training and hit lots of PB's!

  • Build confidence and take your training to the next level!

  • Improve your body composition!

  • Gain access to the best community and connect with other women from all across the world!

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