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If you love my training philosophy and my training methods, my online academy is perfect for you.

You get access to the private FB group where I update your training plan every 4 weeks.

Join Trained by Ana today, and enjoy:

- New training phase every 4 weeks

- 5-day training split that you can adapt around your own schedule

- Weekly Q&A's where you can ask me anything you need help with

- Educational videos on all things nutrition and training

- Become a part of a community and get to meet like-minded women from all around the world!

*This is not personalized coaching. If you are interested in private coaching please click HERE!

Train with a team that is going to push you to be your best!


Follow a 5 day training split that is smartly programmed and will ensure that you make progress with your training!


Learn from me and follow my coaching methods to become the strongest you've ever been!

Access to me, Ana Katic

Educational videos on training and nutrition updated each month in the private FB group!