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Ana Katic Fitness offers a monthly subscription that gives you the structure and education to achieve your goals.

The programs and monthly membership will give you the knowledge and confidence to achieve your goals - No BS advice or methods.

If you are sick of not seeing the results that you deserve and not knowing what to do, this is your membership and a true investment into yourself.

Our science-based coaches will be your mentors, teaching you lasting methods for success, and giving you the education that you need for you to be able to reach your goals.

Choose the program that is suitable for your goals. Sign up today and get immediate access to my app.

Every program includes:

- access to my app

- track your progress, macros, calories, steps, sleep, and take progress photos

- full exercise library

- our FREE no-BS nutritional guide!

- access to the private FB group

Choose from the following 4 subscriptions:



3. FIT

4. HOME 

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The hypertrophy program focused on building muscle.

The strength program focused on building strength.

The program focused on building strength and muscle.

The hypertrophy program focused on building muscle.

Nutrition-only membership that includes:


- a FREE copy of the flexible dieting guide - access to the recipe library with over 800 macro-friendly recipes - new recipes are uploaded to the app EVERY MONTH!


Choose the meal type: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Choose the recipes that suit your dietary requirements: paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, and pescatarian.


Exclude food sensitivities: fish, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, eggs, dairy, gluten, and peanuts. Track your progress in the app: take progress photos, and track your sleep, steps, body weight, macros, and calories.