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Private coaching

What's included?

This is not a quick-fix program or a challenge.

My coaching service is designed for women who are both ready and committed to empowering themselves through education.

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My coaching is 100% personalized to you and based on your weekly check-in and progress.

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You will get your calories and macros that are personalized to you and your goals. 

I will not give you a random meal plan or restrict you from eating the food you enjoy.

I don't need to see your food log but you need to be hitting your macros everyday!

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Check-ins are done via Ana Katic Fitness app.

Check-ins are always on Friday.

You need to submit check-in photos from the front, side, and the back, as well as the data.

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Training plan

You will receive your training plan every 4 weeks in Ana Katic Fitness app and I need you to record your weights lifted for each session and track your weekly progress.

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You get access to the private FB group where you will get to connect with all of my clients from all around the world.

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The minimum commitment is 12 weeks.

You can pay 12, or 24 weeks upfront.



NOTE: I am not taking on private clients at the moment!

Please sign up for the November coaching waitlist by clicking the link below!


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